December 31, 2005

year in review

I come to the end of yet another year in the life of me - oh how they seem to be piling up all of a sudden - and what a rollockingly bastardish yet somehow satisfying year it has been.

A year full of happiness, sadness, grief, relief, frustration, love, and a bit of blogging (only a bit mind you; I've had things to do...) is almost at an end, and I for one am looking forward to 2006. Hopefully I can get something constructive done in the next 365 days.

As a nice summary I thought that I'd put together a little picture gallery which demonstrates pretty thoroughly what the last twelve months has entailed. Click on the images to enlarge them:

From top left to bottom right we first see our lovely lovely Hope (we will never forget you and your wonderful fluff), The Lick with Ralph Nelson, Hazel in an extremely unflattering position, Honey showing all and sundry his belly, a big-arse Christmas turkey (granted, it's an old photo, but it is relevant so bollocks to you...), and the most gracious of all Derek's: Derek.

This year I have:

- Been a bastard but am getting better.
- Endured having a hole in the side of our flat. A very big hole. A patio-door-size hole.
- Discovered a frisbee that doesn't hurt when you catch it.
- Had my grandad and rabbit die.
- Discovered the joys of 'Most Haunted', 'Malcolm in the Middle' and 'Futurama'.
- Learnt how to use a plane and a saw properly.
- Placed some bets and won nothing. Typical.
- Not been on holiday. Natch.
- Got very fast broadband.
- Dyed my hair (and most of my face) blue-black.
- Purchased a decent wok and roasting tray. Very important.
- Worked out how to do sit-ups properly.
- Had three fillings and a root canal.
- Blogged a lot and then not very much at all. You know how it is.
- Sold a chair and given loads of stuff to charity.
- Cooked my very first yorkshire pudding!
- Not had very much money. Oh sad day.
- Started feeling old even though I don't look it, and yes, I am grateful for that.
- Put up with a terribly shitty job, and through doing so have managed to get an ever-so-slightly better one. Joy.

Nothing particularly outlandish or startling it's true, but it's certainly been an eventful annum.
And just to top it all off I cooked the mother of all Christmas dinners, and have now been eating roast turkey and gammon for the last 7 days and still have 3 or 4 days worth of food left. Now that's a lot of nosh.

I now intend to finish work as quickly and painlessly as possible, and then get well and truly trolleyed as is the norm on occasions such as these I hear.

I bid you all a joyful and prosperous new year cos you all deserve it you lovely people you.

See you soon and thanks for reading.



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