November 11, 2005


I'm listening to Jimi Hendrix, and it's good.
It's drizzling on the rabbit a bit, which isn't quite as good.
I'm being productive and attempting to locate old friends pon de internet mun, and that's pretty good.
But I've had four hours sleep and feel like a donkey has shat on my brain, which frankly is a bit rubbish.

Welcome back Tim to your biannual blog. It wasn't like this before but it has become such.
Thankyou all and sundry for coming here to have conversations amongst yourselves. I'm a terrible host, I'm fully aware. I would have dropped off some jaffa cakes but I was far too busy doing my hair the last two/three months... you know how it is. Hair.

A question: does anyone know how to get themselves removed from the Westlife mailing list? I need to find out for a friend.

Another question: how do you tell binmen subtlely that they're fucking idiots? That one's for me.

Brilliant news! I won an auction on eBay by 1p with 7 seconds (with Neneh Cherry, who I passed on the way to waitrose a couple of weeks ago) to go. How thrilling! I would have been mightily peed off if I had been the bloke beaten by 1p instead. I hope he's crying into his Thomas the Tank Engine slippers at his schoolboy error; NEVER bid £**.99 you berk, or you will lose.

The most important thing that's happened since I've been gone is that our rabbit populous has decreased by one, and then increased by two.
Poor lovely fluffy baby Hope (the lagomorph of the title) passed away into bunny heaven and we really really miss her. May her beautiful little hairy paws rest in peace.
In her stead we have brought in little Hazel and little Honey to keep Ralph company.
They are all very sweet but obviously completely mental being young'uns, so as of yet they haven't really been getting too friendly other than when they've been trying to kill each other through the bars of their hutches, or trying to shag each other through the bars. Ralph has been resorting to humping my arm, which as you can probably imagine is hilarious to watch, but not really that much fun for my arm (he always goes for the same arm - why?), and the other two just shit and spray everywhere, which is lovely.

They will be allowed to get to know each other properly when they've had their bollocks chopped off. Hazel is already bollockless, Ralph will be next, then Honey (or Ginge as I affectionately call him) to follow. That should calm the randy fuckers down.

Here's a picture of them all chowing down:

That's Ralph up top, Hazel in the middle, and Ginge at the bottom. Aren't they pretty?
Right that'll do you. Back with more pictures as and when.

See you in February then.


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