July 07, 2005

Thursday Part 3

It's that time of the month again. and I do apologise to everyone involved for being slightly slack around these parts lately, but I am finally getting round it.

What am I talking of, I hear you ask? None other than the monthly Swampy award ceremony, that's what.

This month the lucky recipient of this most prestigious of all blogging awards, and let's face it, all the awards that ever been awarded to anyone ever before in the whole fucking history of time full stop, including all that Oscars and Baftas and Nobel Peace Prize crap. They are all just a load of pissy shit compared to this.

So anyway, the winner of this month's award for outstanding blogness, is Mister Jonny Billericay of JonnyB's Private Secret Diary, who is being recognised for the following:

1) His quest to Save The Post Office.
2) Recording a song to drum up public support for this most worthy of campaigns.
3) Through his blog, reaching all the way to Africa (although whether their post offices need saving is beside the point).
4) Prompting one gallant chap to mow ‘Save The Post Office’ into his lawn. In Hungary.
5) Simultaneously blogging on at least three other sites at the same time as regularly updating his own. Bravo!
6) Being voted into the Big Blogger house.
7) Services to humankind.
8) The Mitt.
9) Finding out that he's going to be a father. Bravo again!
10) His post about needing a poo really badly.

That last one was the clincher. As it were.

So yeah, well done young Jonathan. With any luck we should have an acceptance speech some time next week. He's on holiday this week, which isn't really much of an excuse in my book - something this important you make time for, I think - but I'm letting him off just this once because I'm awfully nice.

It is also the time of the month when I recognise a bunch (well, ten) new or not so new blogs for their brilliance and/or entertainment value. Here they are:

All absolutely brilliant the lot of them. Well done chaps! If my blog was even half as good as your little lot I might actually get some people reading it. Oh well, I can still dream...


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