July 07, 2005

Thursday Part 2

I've finally managed to hook my phone up to the computer after two months of wondering whether or not it would ever happen. I picked up a neat little cable off of this here internet thing, which is just the best most useful invention there ever was, for a little under eight quid, and am now able to send pictures and photos to and from my phone, as well as putting mp3's on to it so I can listen to them in my breaks at work or when I'm on the bus or train. Bonzer.

So I've downloaded all the dodgy photos I've taken in the last eight weeks or so, and have now realised that alot of the pictures I've taken are shit. They all looked the same on the phones little screen, but in reality most of them are gash, for wont of a better word. I have henceforth been fiddling with the settings, and will no longer be taking pictures of any old shit just for the sake of it. Quality control is being introduced, and I should reap immediate rewards. I wish the sun was out though, because the dull light makes all the colours really bloody boring and washed out - it's not a digital camera after all, it's just a cameraphone.

Anyway, here is a selection of some of the not-quite-as-boring-or-shit-as-the-other-one's pictures that I've taken recently:


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