July 07, 2005

Thursday Part 1

So far today we've had the man from British Gas round to check the boiler and stop it from leaking, the bloke who painted the front of the house to give an estimate on painting the back of the house and a rough idea of when he'll be able to get someone round to do the work, and the handyman chap to mastick (if that's how you spell it) around the bath, as it has yet again been going mouldy and allowing water through down the side of the bath. Not pleasant.

The gas man was extraordinarily efficient, turned up at 8.40am which in my book is amazing, and had it plugged and working within five minutes. That said, it'll probably start leaking again by this time tomorrow. The paint man didn't really do anything apart from go "oooh" and "ahhh", and then hiss through his teeth in that 'blimey this is going to cost you a bit' way that all British handymen/workmen have an unpleasant way of doing. Not that I really care seeing as I'm not the one who's paying for all this. Sometimes it is good renting, knowing that you'll never have to pay a penny for any of those annoying repair jobs that need doing. Granted, other aspects of renting are shit, but I'm going to overlook those for the time being. The other bloke, the bath guy, was very efficient too. He was going to do his masticking, then took one look at the bath, noticed some orange bits (for orange read rusty), and decided it would probably be best to get the whole thing ripped out and replaced. Result! He proceeded to remove the side of the bath to have a look, and to absolutely nobody's surprise found that all the wooden supports and joists that hold it in place are mouldy. Soaked through. So when we get in the bath the legs that the bathtub sits on sink into the wood, which is why a big gap opens up around the bath whenever anyone gets in it. All very entertaining, so thank the lord it's being ripped out and replaced with a brand spanking new bath tomorrow morning.

The outside is going to be painted before the end of summer, the bathroom and kitchen windows and the back door are coming out as well, and apparently the landlord has decided that the concrete patio is crap too, so is having that ripped out and replaced with nice new slabs.

This is all perfectly pleasing, and believe me when I say that we are very lucky to have such a conscientious landlord. Most would rather watch their own mother freeze to death than get her central heating fixed, but our chappy is ace.
I won't go on about it too much or I'll jinx myself. He'll sell the house tomorrow, just wait and see.


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