July 03, 2005

Some Things Wot I Found

Okay, scrap that. I was going to do a long convaluted post all about some brilliant new links I've found and all the music and videos that are pressing my buttons at the moment, plus I'd probably have found the time to wibble a fair deal about my boring life. You know, how I washed the rabbit yesterday and she still smells like a farm, and how there's a company that are literally backed on to our flat that I might like to work for, which is good news of sorts, and that THAT cricket game yesterday was amazing, as was the tennis, even though we wanted Lindsey Davenport and Thomas Johansson to win (and how I'd put a tenner on Johansson to go the whole way, and so won't be seeing that again, but ho hum..), and about how we got TWO numbers in the national lottery draw which is more than we'd got in the last two months combined but is still not enough to win us any fucking money, and probably about how I am yet again working on a Sunday becuase the money is good, and trust me, I wouldn't be working on a Sunday if I didn't have to because I do have better things to do, but at least because it's quiet I do get a reasonable amount of time to work on this blog and that other blog, although I haven't done too much today because it's actually slightly busier than normal. Who the hell does stuff on Sundays? Me, it seems.

I probably would have written about all of that, and a bit more.

Probably some stuff about Live8 and how it was all a load of middle of the road claptrap, and how fucking Keane were playing which turned it into a farce within seconds, and even though it was impressive to see millions of people all over the world united in the same cause, all I could think about was how awful it would be to be in the middle of one of those enormous crowds needing to go to the toilet and then having to stop my internal organs trying to escape out of my ears because of fucking Keane and the godawful racket they produce.

Probably all of that and some more besides, and on and on...

But I'm not going to write about that stuff. Oh no.

Instead I'm going to put a link on here to THIS. And I'd like to say thankyou to the good doctor for pointing me in it's direction and then thankyou to Birdman for pointing the good doctor in it's direction. I would thank some other people too but I don't know who they are.

This thing is fucking amazing, and is easily the third best thing in the world behind Mrs Lagomorph (at number one, obviously) and squidgie frisbees.

I don't know when I'm going to get any practical use from it, but it is just span-dabby-blimin-fabulous to zoom around and in and fly about and zoom right down so you can see cars and swimming pools and what have you. What I'm waiting for is for them to make it in realtime, so that you can see people walking around or sitting in pub gardens drinking cider. These are the only things that will make it better. That and putting the detail in for the rest of the world other than just Los Angeles or San Francisco (slight California-based bias there dear Google; wonder why that is...) but that will happen soon enough. Until then I'll just keep floating around, loitering about, and waiting for them to release Google Mars.


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