July 17, 2005


What is so wrong about being a 28-year-old Lego lover?

Sod all, that's what! (Exclamation mark definitely and defiantly required, thankyou.)

I've been to Legoland in Denmark twice you know. The second time I cycled there. I was that desperate to go. Granted, my Lego-lust has waned somewhat in the last decade and a half - I no longer plead with my parents every Christmas for giant Technics racing cars or ridiculously humungous space monorail sets with battery powered trains and flashing lights and heaps of other fancy tosh - but I still have an ache in my soul for that piece of my youth which I never want to let go of. That little piece of the brain (or is it the heart?) that powers my imagination and which constantly wants to try new things and explore the world and everything around it. And yes, when all is said and done, it all basically boils down to Lego.

Where the fuck is the stimulation in My Little Pony??


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