June 06, 2005

Swampy of the Month

Cheers to
Watski for reminding me to do this (it's only because he wants win back-to-back awards..), but little does he know that I have a clause in my award scheme - which I just made up - that doesn't allow consecutive victories. I have to spread the love, so in a break from all the techyness which seems to have taken over from raw emotion (what the hell am I talking about?) in the last week or so, I'm plumping for the blog which has whetted my taste buds the most recently.

A couple of bloggers have made me laugh alot, and a couple have made me quite sad, but only one has made me re-evaluate the way I look at blogging, and at the same time make me really want to get myself/us one of those lovely juicy little graphics tablets that is apparently way easier to use than a mouse and looks really pretty and helps you make pretty pictures but unfortunately costs quite a large amount of money which is a bit of a stumbling block when you're practically on the breadline like us lagomorphs.

That blog is Vitriolica Webb's Ite.

It's good stuff it is, and I like it. You'd probably gathered that anyway.

I'd also like to state to the world that we spent more than a tenner on two tickets for the new Star Wars film, which by the way is utter crap, and now I want my money back. Do you think I would be successful if I tried to sue George Lucas for gross negligence in firstly, making a complete sows ear out of something which seemed to me totally unfuckupable, and secondly, for lying in order to get us to see his 'piece of shit' (in Bill Hicks style) movie. No George, it is NOT a good film, it is NOT dark and deep, and no matter what anyone says, in NO WAY does it even come close to linking up to the first three films. An idiot would say I'm biased, I can hear him now, but I was yawning after half an hour, laughing at Yoda the whole way through (laughing at Yoda! I ask you...), and almost wet myself when Anakin appeared to give the funny old guy with the amazing changing voice and face a blow job. The only good bits were when he got his arms and legs chopped off, and the cool spaceship from the very first film made a cameo appearance. The rest of it was shite. Total shite. Ewan Macgregor was shite (although possibly the best of a bad bunch), Portman was shite, Christensen was shite and looked stupid as Darth Vader (not tall enough), and I was basically confused as hell by the computer graphics from the word go. It was all very impressive looking, but it would have been more impressive if I'd have known who was fighting who and what the hell was actually going on. Somebody should tell Lucas to focus on the story (trade war? what the hell is a trade war? and how is it a good basis for six films? answer = it's not) rather than the special effects.

I could go on all night but I'd wear my keyboard out, so I'll stop.

And I won't 'hotlink' any pictures either, for anyone who's interested.


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