June 28, 2005


THIS is a Squidgie Frisbee. It's a frisbee. It is made of squishy stuff. It doesn't rip your hand to shreds when you catch it, or knock you out if it accidentally hits you in the face, or break your windows when you throw it in totally the wrong direction.

It is idiot-proof, and more importantly, it's Mr and Mrs Lagomorph-proof (they are possibly the same thing).

Our one is bright orangey-red, rather than the vile yellow colour you see here, so you can't miss it. And despite being wibbly and wobbly it flies like a beast; although like all frisbee's it's absolute rubbish when it's a bit on the windy side out.

Best £5.99 I ever spent.

HAYFEVER UPDATE: I'm on my new tablets, and have been okay. However, I fell asleep on the settee for four hours this evening (not normal behaviour I can assure you) so the claim that they act as a sedative may have an element of truth to it. Now all I have to do is time it so that I fall asleep at work...

UPDATE UPDATE: Do this for no particular reason. I haven't a clue what it'll achieve, and if someone can tell me I'll be mightily grateful.

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