June 14, 2005

Remembering Vividly

I had the most lucid dream last night.

I normally don't remember my dreams at all, but this one really stuck in my mind.

I was with Mrs L, and we were visiting a nuclear power plant. We had the rabbit with us. The power plant was not huge, and the side of it that we were walking around was next to quite a large hill covered in grass, but at it's base it had a swampy (hooray!) area that led into a large lake, on top of which the power plant was sitting. The water was full of reasonably sized patches of nasty glowing radioactive gunk, the kind of thing that is a typical romanticised idea of what nuclear waste looks like.

Trust me to be unimaginative in my dreams.

Anyway, we were walking along a raised metal gangway, probably only about a foot and a half wide, that had no barriers at it's sides, and was perhaps only five or six inches above the waters surface.

There was a tour guide chap in a suit, a reasonably happy fellow, who was chatting away and walking ahead of us on the gangway. The rabbit was walking along just in front of me but behind the tour guide.

I'm looking at the water and thinking 'that looks quite nice apart from all the horrid radioactive luminous yellow blogs of crap in it', and then thinking about how easy it would be to fall off the gangway, being as it's only a foot or so wide, and at any moment I wouldn't be surprised if a particularly strong gust of wind came along and blew either me, Mrs L, the rabbit, some or all of us into the water.

Then all of a sudden, the rabbit just prances forward, like she does, has a quick look ahead and then jumps to her left, off the gangway, and headfirst into the evil-looking water.

I am at first horrified, then I recoil back in shock. Then, within another second, my natural instinct kicks in and I leap into the lake after her, because she is OUR rabbit, she is part of OUR family, and I can't just let her sink and die.

So into the water I go, swimming down after her, and the water is a kind of orange hue. I can see perfectly though, and follow her as she drops down to the bottom. There are long weeds down where she is falling, and I need to get to her before she gets lost in them, so I reach forward and grab her by the head and neck - the only parts I can reach - and yank her towards me. I don't want to hurt her, but then I don't want her to drown either; the main thing is that I have hold of her.

I turn around with her at my chest, and I push up towards the surface. Through the orange water I can see Mrs L and the tour guide looking down and reaching forward ready for us. I try to avoid the radioactive sludge, and do pretty well, I think. The rabbit is unharmed, if a touch wet, and I am okay, but I have a large blob of sludge on my back, arm and hand. I shake it off my hand, and the sludge on my back and arm falls off my clothes, so I feel alright, but within moments I feel quite faint, and then I can't remember anything until I wake up in a bed, probably in a clinic in the power plant, with Mrs L and the rabbit beside me waiting for me to wake up.

I am really happy because the rabbit is perfectly okay, and that I'm not drastically injured or maimed, and Mrs L is happy that we're both okay. It's basically a really nice moment. Then I realise that my hand has been slightly rotted away in places - my middle knuckle has actually had the whole of the top skin eaten away so that the bone is visible. However, it doesn't hurt at all, it just looks awful, so because of this I am content.

I can't remember anything after that.

So. What could it all mean eh?


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