June 10, 2005

Officially Rushed Off Feet

I am so very busy, and I apologise (mainly to myself) if I am neglecting this poor old blog a tad. Big Blogger: The Behemoth is taking up a fair bit of time, as you can probably imagine, and what with everything else that's been going on round here, I just haven't been able to find a slot in my schedule for this poor little baby. Not to mention Mrs L. Even this is a rush-job post as I'm supposed to meet Mrs L in some bar somewhere for a quick jar or six.

In summary, this week has so far been a heavy one. I won't go into too many details just yet, but I will at some point. The point in question being someplace that isn't even on the horizon yet.

  1. The hayfever has officially kicked in as of today.
  2. I was late for work this morning. Overslept. There was probably a reason but I don't know what it was.
  3. My grandad died yesterday.

These are in no particular order of heaviness, but I'm sure you can figure out which way round they should go.

That'll do for now.


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