May 01, 2005

Time of the month

It's the 1st of May, and I'm still in the midst of my five day sabbatical, so rather than write about anything meaningful or interesting, or take up more time out of my evening than is necessary, I'll take this opportunity to update my sidebar and celebrate the wonder of The Blog, by dishing out the second monthly Best Blog award.

For May, the award is going to Watski. He's had an episode and a half with Opodo, and has been kind enough to share the whole shitbag affair with the world, so for this I thank you! Here's your award:

Secondly, I am updating the Best New Blogs section in the sidebar. So here is the list, in case anyone can't be bothered to scroll all the way down my ridiculously long sidebar:

I'll be back soon with a full rundown of, err, stuff, so until then have a lovely Bank Holiday Monday, and see you soon.


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