May 31, 2005

No room in the schedule

I've been busy to say the least. I always thought bank holidays were supposed to be relaxing, but seemingly this is just not even vaguely the case. We were pleasantly invaded by
The Father and then The 13-Year Old Cousin, and then thrust ourselves upon The Mother and The Grandparents, who were swiftly invaded by The Great Aunts, The Aunt and The Other Cousin. It was fucking crazy. How on earth did my family get so polyglot? (I just had to use that word, god knows what it means.. or if it's a word.)

It's also been Extreme-Weather-Brighton, with blisteringly hot sunshiny loveliness on Friday, and unbelieveably windy bloody bollocks on Saturday, then crappy soddy rainy bumholes on Sunday. Now it's alright again - I hate English weather, almost as much as I hate Alfie out of Eastenders.

I've also been hard at work helping The Father fine tune his website graphics, and have been designing something rather special too..

Mr Watski and I are the brains behind the new BIG BLOGGER 2005 website. Well, he's got the brains, I've got the looks, we're gonna make lots of money.. That kind of thing.

Please go there now, read all about it, and get nominating. The idea is pretty straightforward and should be very amusing, as well as very popular. Sod Big Brother. Who needs them when we can have our own... And feel free to nominate yourself, I'm pretty sure there isn't a rule against that. Yet. I'm also not entirely sure if there's a way to nominate. Hmm. I would suggest emailing me (the link is in the sidebar under "Want Some Mail?", or alternatively leave comments in the usual place. And please spread the word! We hope to get some big name bloggers involved, and the more people that get in on the act, well, all the better and all the merrier!

I'm also supposed to be guest-blogging at Queenie's site this week, so basically I'm pretty snowed under. If I appear somewhat scatty and short on anecdote or fantastically insightful dialogue, or maybe just rather all over the place, at least I have an excuse. I hope you can forgive me.

Oh, and Mrs Lagomorph's website got chosen to be published and used in the real world! Hip hip... Hoorah!!!!


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