May 24, 2005

I Must Be A Country Bumpkin

Maybe I'm just not cut out for this townie life...

What about this. The best bloody restaurant type place that I can actually afford just about and doesn't make me feel as if I'm some kind of insignificant little worm crawling up the arsehole of the maitre'd whilst maxing out all my credit cards on half an ounce of Tesco ham and a tin of baked beans dolled up as more than it actually is. In London. Amazing.

And here it is from the outside. I'm not doing PR for them, or getting some kind of sly backhander (it would be a crap backhander seeing as how many people visit this site - the word 'pointless' comes to mind). I just really like the place, and the food, and want to spread the pleasure.

Thanks to Alda for refreshing my memory.

I have Family coming to stay for the next few days, so I may be a tad quiet on the old blog front. However, I am certain that you'll all be able to cope, being the the fully fledged adults that you all are, and will probably have a great time without me.

Excuse while I adjourn to consider the pointlessness of it all.

* To finish, this is quite brilliant.


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