April 22, 2005

To say the least

It's only occasionally that I wish I had the fame and adulation of, say, Marti Pellow, or more realistically, the Chuckle Brothers. I've come close once or twice. Trevor Francis trod on my leg when he was lining up a corner for QPR; I inadvertently sold Roger Moore - in cravat and jacket, but looking rather bloated (it was 8.15 in the morning) - the wrong copy of Sex & The City; I praised Pat Sharpe on the quality of his DVD selection. But these are just drops in the ocean. What I long for is to be taken seriously and admired just for being me. Being in the presence of greatness (and I don't think anyone can argue that Pat Sharpe is anything but Great with a capital G) is all well and good, but sooner or later a man has to strike for glory on his own. Spread his wings and fly.

You get the idea.

So I'm proud of my one moment in the limelight. Well actually, it was the best of three. Third best was playing cello in a string quartet in front of about two hundred people at a school recital thing. God I was nervous. Second was playing one of the penguins who danced with Bert the chimney sweep (my best mate at the time, Ross, was Bert) in my junior school performance of Mary Poppins. But topping the lot comes this little beauty:

Being in the paper is great! It was only the local shit paper, but still, I reckon on average 20,000 people (perhaps) would have at least skimmed through and glanced my picture. Some people may have even read it. I think my dad showed it to his mates (for a laugh). But it was good, and it made me proud to be in print standing up for myself. Not just for some wanky thing like donating 50p to the local Lions Club Annual Bollock Grabbing Granny Fete, for example.

If anyone can't read it (it is quite small, I know), let me know and I'll type it out in blogstyle for you.

* * * * * * * *

My favourite non-blog websites of the week are as follows:

This is THE BEST ARCHITECTURE SITE EVER. I mean, the bloke wants to build a multi-coloured blob-shaped wall around Barnsley! He gets my vote for PM! (After Blue Witch of course).

This site has loads of good vids and stuff on it. These chaps and chapettes are responsible for various Coldplay (Boo!) and REM (Hoorah!) videos. Bad Day is one of theirs, and it's on here. Check out the Gordons Gin advert too. It's tres cool.

This has to be the ponciest, and flashiest, church website ever. Who ever thought God could be so bloody trendy and user-friendly?

And Jeffrey Overcompensating says happy birthday to his dad:

"Happy birthday to Jimmy Ray Rowland; I once lived inside of this man's testicles."

* * * * * * * *

Oh my good god!! I have to do something about my bad language! It's made THIS happen!


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