April 26, 2005


I've changed the design again, so I'm officially the biggest ponce in this room. It's a touch more 'complete' I think, feel-wise. Christ knows. After patience and self-control, I now have to learn to stop fiddling as well.

I have one day to go until I have five (count 'em.. FIVE!) days off from work. Ace! I get to lie in, laze about, get some fresh air and some exercise, and have space to think and maybe, just maybe, write in my notebook. I will! I will!

Bumped into this bloke in Waitrose who sold us our computer. We only met him the once, and only then to say "can you do us a deal?", but every time we see him, or should I say, he sees us, he treats us like the bestest friends he never had. It's quite weird and a bit worrying. You know, I don't know this guy from Ernie, and here he is, telling me all about his Latvian whores. I ask you!

I need to get rhinoplasty or something. Make sure I can't be recognised next time.

I've added books to the sidebar so that everyone will think I'm a proper intellectual.
Which I am of course.


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