March 11, 2005


In what is an unbelievably shit state of affairs, the probably innordinately wonderful Fall gig we were due to attend this very evening HAS BEEN EFFING CANCELLED!

I am, in my own oft quoted words, not happy to say the least. I know you were all dying of anticipation to read my review, so I'm sorry. It's nothing to do with me, but someone has to be the fall guy (yuk yuk) and that someone is yours truly.

The gig has been rescheduled for April 3rd, so put a note in your diaries.

And lastly something completely unconnected. Why the hell does the postman, when trying to deliver a package to you and finding you not in so he then has to drop a note through the door for you to go and collect it, drop said note with the words "Sorry, you were out" on it through the door? Call me pedantic but what the fucking hell are the Royal Mail apologising for? I'm out. It's not their fault. Neither they, nor the afore-mentioned postman are responsible for my not being there, SO WHY THE BLOODY HELL ARE THEY SAYING SORRY??? It may appear that I'm getting rather over-emotional about this, but this kind of thing is indicative of the dogs dinner our so-called 'culture' has become. It's so annoying to me that this once great country seems to be full to the brim with, on one side, a bunch of stupid, lazy, rude, unproductive and unappreciative bumheads, and on the other side a bunch of stupidly nice, apologetic, thoughtful, kind and therefore downtrodden wimps. Why no middle ground? Either you get someone who says sorry when you hold a door open for them, as if they are imposing on you and your arm, or you get some bastard who doesn't say anything. HELP.

Rant over. I'm gonna go and watch Agent Dale Cooper eat pie in Twin Peaks.


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