March 08, 2005

Frigging Vandals

This should get you in the mood:


Some bastard brainless knobhead with the brain of a plankton which to be honest is being nasty and disrespectful to plankton took a shine to one of our plant pots out the front of the flat and lobbed it down the stairs. What a rubbish thing to do. Almost ruined my Saturday. What drives a person to do this? Is it drink? Is it drugs? Is it Mcdonalds? Or is it (NO!!!) human nature? Tell me your views.

I keep seeing birds (the ones that fly about) shagging. It's slightly worrying because they do it very near the ground and I get worried that I'm going to tread on them. I saw some green birds getting it on last week, and was extra-disorientated as I thought I knew what they were, but wasn't sure. I'm not afraid to say that I used to be in the YOC (Young Ornithologists Club, part of the RSPB - google search it if you don't know) and was once the proud owner of The Observers Book of Birds. I used to know what pretty much any bird in the UK looked like and had a vague idea what it sounded like due to the handy descriptions in the book, but now I haven't got a clue. This, for me, is upsetting. I think they were Greenfinches, but then some annoying voice in my brain says "Tim, that doesn't sound like a bird. That's a stupid name." And I don't know whether or not to believe it! Help me please! If anyone knows anything about birds or where I can get the book in question I will love you forever.

Off to see The Fall on Friday, and I'm looking forward especially to not understanding a fucking thing Mark E Smith says. I'll tell whoever cares to listen how it goes at the weekend.

I have to have a bath, but before I adjourn to the warm soapy goodness may I draw your attention to the fluffy behemoth in the sidebar. At the top. Everyone say ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Worship at the shrine of the lagomorph (Big Fella watch out, your days are numbered).

And please watch the film Elephant by Gus Van Sant. It's based on the tragedy at Columbine High School and it's really really good. Really good. I was impressed. To say the least. Right then.


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