March 19, 2005


I really have to get myself a notebook or something. I promised myself a good couple of months back - it may have been Christmas in fact - that I would do this, and still I haven't. I'm crap, but then I knew that already. I've had some fascinating diatribes occuring to me all over the shop this week, yet can I remember them when the vital time is upon me? The moment I come to sit down and try to get in the Blogzone (I made that up) it's all gone. Stage fright I would probably naively assume. It's a curse. There must be something you can take for this kind of thing, not that I would know, me not being a Mr. Pharmacist (one for the Fall fans among us) or doctor. I could tell you loads about trailing interest though. It's REALLY INTERESTING. Honest. But I'm not a financial advisor, so before you even think about emailing me with your mortgage details, please bogwash yourself. Hands up if you ever got bogwashed. No-one? I don't believe you. I for one have never been bogwashed, and have also never been in a fight. I'm that scary.

One thing I do remember is that I found these two things when I was feeling slightly excited (don't go getting funny ideas, okay?) the other day.

Item number 1.
Item number 2.

I like them. Things that make me wonder always get the juices flowing.

This week has been animated movie week. Saw Ice Age and Monsters Inc. Both brilliant. They may be kids films, but they still rocked. In fact most kids films are amazing. Apart from Care Bears: The Movie. That did not rock. And on the same topic, if anyone hasn't seen The Incredibles, what have you been doing???? See it. Now.

I would write more and go into lengthy detail about the varied and wonderful contents of my enormously huge pulsating brain, but I can't be bothered. It's late. I need sleep.

I need to set a time to do this. A time when I'm not normally thinking "what is the point?".

And I need a notebook.

This is gonna get better, you just watch.

While I remember, Nigel Flevans, here is my email address. Here. Mail me, I'll mail you my address, and then you can send me some of your new stuff. It's a simple plan, so cheers in advance.

And look at this. It always makes me laugh. A bloke I used to work with does it. He was never that funny in the flesh though, which I find a mite confusing. People eh? You can't trust them.


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