February 26, 2005


Amazingly, despite another month not having yet passed, here I am again, writing in me dyeree. I may not have anything to say, but you have to appreciate the effort. It's all I can do just to get out of bed on a Saturday, so if you can't understand my mindset then sod you.

Anyhow, I took the mammoth step of getting rid of Sky Sports the other day. No more premier league snooker and WWE wrestling for me, no sirree. Instead we now have the Disney Channel. Utter genius it is. In a two day period we've been treated to Finding Nemo and The Gummi Bears. Fucking ace. And yesterday I found another random channel that was showing Ulysses 31! Remember that rubbish? I felt like a 12 year old again, and for a moment it was lovely. Shame the cartoon was actually crap. Strange how things you loved turn out to be a pile of shite. Growing up can occasionally grate. What the hell am I talking about? Growing up is diabolically abysmal. All that stuff with bills, deadlines, shopping, socialising, and generally not-actually-getting-on-with-anybody and also the not-having-friends-as-good-as-when-you-were-at-school. You might deny it in public but in private you all know what I'm talking about. Isn't Chile thin?

Finished a book this week (hurrah!) and once finished fell into a deep depression and couldn't read another thing. I must do something about getting emotionally attached to literature. Oh to be one of those people who can have ten books on the go at any one time. My father has the world record (135 books and pamphlets in a two hour period), and is currently having his satchel weighed down by 76 volumes of The Peoples Algebraic History of Guatemala. Clever sod.

Musically I'm rather upbeat this week. If you count The Smiths and Kings of Convenience as upbeat that is. My wonderful woman bought me a wonderful record and I haven't taken it off the discman all week. Kind of reminds me of one of the first records I ever got. It sounds nothing like it, I'm just talking about how it grabbed me and wouldn't get out of my head for months. That record was Nowhere by Ride. Remember them? I do. They're my favourite ever band, will be forever, and that's that. Even Andy Bell joining Oasis hasn't so far managed to taint my view of them, and that's saying something, because Oasis are really shit. What was I saying? You can probably pick up Nowhere for a fiver at any internet music store these days, and you really should treat yourselves because it's fucking (burp) brilliant. Shoegazers my arse. Ride rocked. Anyway, the new record I have which is stirring the memory banks is Riot On An Empty Street by Kings of Convenience. This. Record. You. Must. Buy. Now. As. Quite. Simply. It's. The. Dogs. Knackers. Do they have a website I hear you ask. Let's have a look...
Yes they do. Here it is.

In descending order:
  • We have the best cushions.
  • Your mobile phone is crap.
  • Does anyone know how 3DS Max works, and if so can you please show us?
  • Everywhere gets snowed on except here. Typical.
  • I'm not married even though I pretend to be. Would like to be.
  • I want an Observers Book of Birds. If anybody has one I will gladly pay good money for it.
  • I still hate Keane despite my silence.
  • Paul Daniels is absolutely impossible to describe.
  • Edwyn Collins. Get well soon.


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