January 17, 2005


This could take a while.

  • I'm chronically lathargic.
  • My computer is always being used by my girlfriend. And not for porn either.
  • I was sacked (this is true).
  • Get off my back! It was Christmas for f**ks sake!
  • I have been carrying out essential maintenance in my abode.
  • New year happened.
  • Four birthdays in three days, including mine and my mothers. This will inevitably balls up any plans made prior to the event.
  • I got loads of wicked presents and hey, a boys' gotta play with his toys.
  • I was, on occasion, slightly tipsy.
  • I went to Felixstowe for three days. Anyone who has ever been there will understand.
  • I was asleep.
  • I contemplated learning the piano. I'm still contemplating.
  • I went to the cinema. Three times. Oooh.
  • I went clothes-shopping with my girlie, and as I'm 100% sure we are all aware, that's not something you can do in five minutes. These things take time.
  • I like baths, and seeing as I was on holiday, I stretched them out a bit.
  • Cricket.
  • Parents visited and are great. Sorry blog, but you come a poor second to blood.
  • We have an extremely demanding bunny. We know our place in the lagomorph heirachy that's for sure.
  • Painters are scary.
  • Time flies and all that.
And I started a new job today. Woo.

Til we meet again...


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