December 03, 2004


I come into work today and what am I accosted by as soon as I plonk my arse down? Shitting Keane, that's what. And it's the worst one of all, with the stutifyingly excruciating keyboard wah-wah bit.

I have been roused from my deep shit music induced depression, by this hilarious article about Tracey Emin. Plonk. Journalism is so much more worthwhile when people say what they think.

And many happy returns to Creepy Lesbo, it being the occasion of her Unbirthday today!
Mmm, tea and cake. Don't mind if I do.

Ps. REM's third album (and all Track 2's) tomorrow if I get around to it. I should make the effort really. I should. But it's Saturday. No, sod it, I'll do it.

This is how I feel today.


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