December 10, 2004

My first competition


I can hardly take the excitement.

Here is my first ever online competition, and I really hope someone wins, because the prize is something very special!

So here we go.
Below are the lyrics to a song.
I touch your hair, and while I'm here, I'm on a mission in your nectar room.
I suck the air, and while I'm there, it's fragrant, so, mashing my mind, and I don't want to leave.
Real is the fear rising now; bursting the bubble that keeps me free floating.
Wondering if the ladder that looms is the one to a truth, but I love your spell, so wind it direct to my core.
A scent of oil, the smoky coil that leads me down, underground, into a place I will anoint.
You naughty thing.
Why'd you bring so many dishes to feed from?
Sorting out all the goods into preferences leaves me dizzy now, so wind it direct to my core.
I navigate into fate.
The moon will adjust its waxing to suit me; dripping, and dripping, and dripping, forming an oily source of light upon my wings.
Sucking in lungfuls in a stream of all good things.
Bringing out all the fruit in bucketfulls.
My head swims round and around, scooping the saucery I'm bound in some strange athenian vision now...
That was great wasn't it? Really poetic, like.
So yeah, all that you lovely (dripping) people have to do is identify the artist responsible for these 'interesting' words.
And the prize is one of three things. You choose! Me serenading you down the phone with this song, one of my farts in a jar, or a bivouac. I'm sure you're all foaming at the mouth at the prospect, but let me tell you, this is a difficult one. And because it's so difficult (and I'll be in utter shock if anyone gets the answer) then the closest and/or funniest answer will be the winner.

I await your entries. So send your answers on a postcard to, err, the comment box thingy.

Good luck my young spanners!