December 07, 2004

Fannying about constantly

Finally, blogger has let me get in here to write a post. Not that I really feel like writing much. It's fair to say that I have probably never been more bored in my entire life than I am at the moment, and I'm not being dramatic. Work should not be called that. I have done practically nothing in my last 13 hours here. I have in fact used the time constructively to finish off the
I Hate Keane site, and I have also used the time in an extremely unconstructive way which involves, you know, generally fannying about on the internet. As well as this (and consider this as indicative of how mind-numbingly pointless being at work is at present) one of my colleagues has brought in his gamecube and we've been playing Tiger Woods golf. Again, not very constructive, but it does pass the time. Every night I go to sleep and pray that the powers that be will let us break for Christmas early, and seeing as we've been sacked and no-one's coming back in the year there shouldn't really be a massive problem with that. But they're wankers, so making us stay here bored out of our brains just for the sake of it can't be ruled out.

Went to a gig for the first time in a while last night. Robyn Hitchcock at Komedia in Brighton. Twas bloody excellent it twas. Went with mon frere, which was cool as we'd seen him before, a long time ago, at the Cambridge Junction. Back then we went with papa as we were just squits. I was 14 I think (start 'em young, that's our dads motto) and brother was 13. I do remember, despite my lack of comprehension, that he was great, and it kind of helped that his music is brilliant. It's quirky and a bit strange, so definitely not everyone's cup of tea, but I strongly recommend his stuff to anyone with an open mind. As he said last night, all his records have probably been deleted due to lack of interest, but you can easily download them via the internet. I'd do that if I were you. I'd almost seen him when I was in London, as he regularly plays at the Garage on Holloway Road, but I always seemed to miss him. This annoying trend pissed me off somewhat, so as soon as I found out he was playing down here I was determined not to miss the f**ker.

It was a bit of an odd gig. He played a few oldies including 'My Wife and My Dead Wife' which is a classic, plus a bunch of tracks from his old band, The Soft Boys. He played quite a few covers too, including Funky Town (!), Savoy Truffle, and Staying Alive(?). It was all quite surreal, but all the better for it. His showmanship helped too. He talks a fair bit about all sorts of shit (example: scientists cutting samples out of frozen corpses in Norway and then going shopping) and is genuinely funny. But mainly, he and his band make a really good noise. They were tight, funky and bloody loud. Komedia's only a small venue, with most of the audience seated at tables eating their dinner, although I think most of them had finished by the time he came on. The intimate scale of the place was a big plus point. I must also point out that he had a really f**king loud shirt on, black with massive white polka dots; although strangely this didn't ruin the experience. All in all I was a bit pished, obviously, and it was great. Encore!

Lastly, I've put a subscriber thing on the
I Hate Keane site so that you can find out when my weekly rantings have been updated. I might at some stage turn it into a kind of newsletter, but this is early doors really and everything is still in its infancy. Give me time, children, give me time... So yeah, my point was please subscribe, if only so that I know the bloody thing works. From little acorns, as they say.

And definitely lastly, I might be going to see
The Futureheads, Sons & Daughters and The Mutts on Wednesday. Should be a cracker. Whatever happens I'll keep you posted (deliberate crap joke).