December 01, 2004


It would seem that I've touched a nerve.

Love them or hate them (and I know which side of the fence I'm standing on) Keane certainly do get people chirping up. Well, as I said in my previous post, the dedicated IHK site will be up and running asap, and you can all bitch away to hearts content about whoever and whatever the fuck you want on there. Which I think will be lovely. People need to release their pent up aggression somewhere, and if I can be the one to provide that little anger management oasis, then so be it.
In the meantime feel free to spew forth whatever you want in my general direction. I am learning to come to terms with the fact that Keane (somehow) aren't universally reviled, but if anything, this will only spur me on to rid the world of their monotonous dirge, and stick some Captain Beefheart in their place! That should bugger things up for a bit.

NEWS - - - -
I have updated the links on the left. I got so consumed with my hatred of Keane that I totally forgot to put links to some of my favourite bands on there. Duh. So please, take time to visit the beautifully decorated homes of the glorious British Sea Power, Badly Drawn Boy, Turin Brakes, Queens Of The Stone Age, Nick Cave, Orbital, The Smiths and local favourite (and old acquaintances from decades ago) The Mutts.

Right, I need my beauty sleep.


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