December 24, 2004

...and relax

I no longer work. I can now relax. I have almost four weeks off (great!). I am not blogging over Christmas. I am having a rest. I'm still thinking about who will be the winner of the competition. I am going to blog like a bastard after Christmas because I don't have anything better to do. For example, I shall definitely review all of REM's albums during this period. Plus some other stuff. I've already opened some presents because we won't be at home for the holidays. I have some lovely trainers now. I am happy. Santa mate, where is my telly?

I wish all in Blogworld a wonderful Christmas. Have fun, get wankered, and I'll see you all after the event. Oh yeah, and so you don't forget, Keane are shit. Steve from X Factor is shit. My monitor is shit (it really is a pile of crap). And that f**king Crazy Frog... don't get me started. AND Maroon 5. Christ! And Dido!!! And Band Aid 20! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! I have to cancel my cable service. That's my new years resolution.

Joss Stone is shit too.

And that Dizzee Rascal rap is utter shite. Come on! The guy's from Mile End. How cool can he really be?? Cooler than The Streets? Yes, maybe. But The Streets are f**king awful. Ooh, controversial.

Right. Have fun and see you soon.


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