November 23, 2004

Why do monitors have kettle leads?

Below is quite possibly the funniest thing I've seen in my entire life.

The first thing that springs to my mind is, nice gloves.

This week so far seems reasonably eventful. I have a job interview on Thursday for a shit job with a large company. I expect to get it, but also to be bored out of my brain upon commencing employment with them. Still, tis a job, and being unemployed in January is not something I really want to think too much about, so I'll settle for anything. Except a job in a cake factory.

Town seemed full of weirdos tonight. I passed two homeless chaps outside a reputable video rental emporium, and heard one utter casually to the other, "I've been out of prison two weeks now". I kept looking straight ahead and picked up my pace somewhat. In doing so I walked directly into the path of three big men in long dark coats carrying multiple hub caps. Not your usual Tuesday evening stroll, I thought. Due to all this randomness I got home a lot quicker than expected and locked everything very well.

In other news, Ray the rubbish builder-cum-handyman has vindicated himself slightly. He has actually seen fit to... (drum roll) ...put the lock back in the front security grill! And it works! However, both these positive elements have to be weighed up against the fact that a) it's only been in there two days - come back to me in a month and see how it's holding up (I know what I'm putting my money on), and b) it's taken the gimp almost 3 WEEKS to get a lock fixed. He'd be crap on Changing Rooms wouldn't he? So, I am impressed, but I am also not impressed.

I am nothing if not charitable. If anyone is running low on their supplies of rabbit poo, just gimme a shout and I'll sort you out straight away. Our bunny is, at present, shitting for England. Yesterday the word being bandied about our house, in reference to the amount of dung being produced, was 'multitudinous'. My better half observed that there seemed to be "a poo for every day of the year". To give you a clearer idea, with all the deposits littering our lounge I managed to half fill a small cup.
Again, if you want some, you know where I am.

Finally, the I Hate Keane site is in development and coming along very nicely thanks for asking. I have decided that as well as being a forum for the pouring forth of all Keane-related bile and spittle, I shall also allow people to suggest other targets of extreme loathing. Take Maroon 5 for example. I have no qualms in discussing how utterly fucking awful they are. None whatsoever. So once this is up and running feel free to vent your spleens.


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