November 19, 2004

Not a carpenter apparently

It appears that Jesus may, or may not have been a carpenter. Apparently he was a metaphorical carpenter, whatever that is. Read this nonsense:

Mark had the people in Jesus' hometown call him a "carpenter," not because he was actually a carpenter, but because Mark wished to create irony. Jesus was the son of God, but in his hometown he was rejected. Jesus taught that those with eyes to see and ears to hear would enter the kingdom of God, but Mark has the townspeople call Jesus a “carpenter” to remind his readers of the craftsman in Isaiah who was "nothing but a man," and who couldn't see because his eyes were "plastered over."
Does anyone understand this? Where exactly, from that, does anyone get the idea that he was a carpenter? And carpenters don't do plastering. Joking aside though, what a load of rubbish. Either he was a carpenter or he wasn't, it's pretty cut and dried if you ask me.

Despite this metaphorical irony rubbish, loads of Christians still seem to reckon he was a proper woodworker tradesman-type dude. Take the above picture. "Knock us up a nice new breakfast room table would ya Christ me old china", says the bloke with the wood and the halo. What a natty dresser old JC seems to be too. Lovely pinny.
So was he a carpenter, or wasn't he a carpenter? Who knows? I don't, that's for sure. If anyone can shed any actual factual not bollocks light on this I will be very grateful. I don't really care, it would just be nice to know one way or the other. Anyways, despite all this confusion I WILL be learning this ancient skill very soon. I'm going to learn how to 1.) make furniture, you know, cabinets, chairs, breakfast room tables. That sort of thing. And 2.) how to make houses, house-frames, lay floors, put up scaffolding and platforms, etc. Proper construction type gubbins. All very interesting and exciting. And then I shall be an officially skilled person. There's a first time for everything.

I shall be continuing the Great REM Album Review Event tomorrow. Mike has voiced his sadness at the fact that I am not reviewing all the track 1's, then all the track 2's, and so on and so forth. So, just for him, I'll do that as well. It will mean double the work, but I'm determined and I believe I can do it. Gritty, that's me. I am slightly bemused at what I'm going to do when track 11 comes around, because some of the albums (and there are 13 of them) have 10 tracks, some 11, some 12, and two even have 14! The scoring could become slightly confusing, but I'm going to attempt to extract some order from the chaos. I'm sure it can be done so just roll with me on this.

So (deep breath) tomorrow we have REM's second record, the lesser known 'Reckoning', as well as all the Track 1's from all their albums in a side-by-side stylee.

I'd get the snacks and fizzy pop in if I were you.


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