November 06, 2004

Head Anniversary (Almost)

Radiohead in Arnhem, Netherlands - November 19th 2003
That was a bloody good gig that one. I managed to sneak a MASSIVE camera in somehow (big pockets) and got some quality snaps of the band. Ed, on the left, didn't do a whole lot apart from play his guitar and bang the odd drum. Thom, on the right, danced around like an utter lunatic the whole time. It was great. There are three others, but you can't see them here, so I won't go in to details. It was quality, we (myself and my better half) were right at the front, and we got to meet Thom Yorke - through sheer persistence - after the gig. We got a wave from the others too. Afterwards, we walked down miles of very empty motorway, then through a very empty Arnhem, all the very long way back to the hostel we were staying at, which just happened to be well hidden at the edge of a rather dark forest. And to be perfectly honest I'm amazed we got anywhere near the hostel, because we didn't have the first fucking clue where we were going. And we were on such an excitable high from meeting A VERY FAMOUS PERSON who is also extremely talented, that we really weren't paying too much attention. But I and we are still here to tell the tale, so I and we must have been doing something right.
It's not the exact anniversary yet, so I'll have to think about designing some kind of commemorative badge or sweater, you know, to celebrate the event. Flog them on here or something. Brass Goods Man can sell them for wholesale prices if he likes.
I get properly narked off with the internet. Why does it work sometimes, and then not other times? What is the deal? I mean, I'm paying good money here, I expect it to bloody work! And please,, get yourselves a UK server (or just a good server), because the amount of problems I have in just getting in to my account to edit stuff is, quite frankly, taking the piss. I have to set myself to EST time zones (thought process goes like this: "okay, they'd be finishing work in Chicago right about now, so maybe I should wait 5 hours for them to go home, have tea, watch telly, and then go to bed, before I can go on..." and so on, and so on) just to be able to write some stuff. That means doing this at 6 in the morning! Too random I'm afraid, and it's doing my head in.
Then again it could just be the fact that Ntl are shit.
It's probably that.
Isn't The Simpsons great? There was a ton of stuff on this evening about it, and blow me if that's not a good way to spend your time. Very productive. Laughter is good for the heart apparently. Should do more of it. And Homer should be president. He's at least twice as intelligent as Numb Nuts who's doing the job at present.
By the way, the election stuff doesn't seem to go away. On Cannonfire today there was a really interesting spreadsheet about how in Florida, depending on what machine you used to vote with, electronic or optical I think, the actual vote varied from the predicted vote by staggering degrees in some cases. And the pattern was always positive for the Republicans, and negative for the Democrats. Funny that. Have a look and see what you think. Also my mum said "have a look at this article", so I did, and it's very good. Here it is. And last but not least, someone at work today got sent a great email with a list of average IQ scores per US state. Guess what. All the red states sunk to the bottom, and all the blue states floated to the top. I'll let you draw your own conclusion to that one...
Right, I'm turning in. It's off to the vets for us tomorrow morning to get the bunny clipped. Nails, that is. With her mighty talons she's starting to resemble Wolverine out of the X-Men, so before it's too late, and before Charlotte and myself are turned into corned beef due to a minor misunderstanding, we're going to get this done. We tried doing it ourselves a week or so back, but after two nails (well, one and a half really) the rabbit twigged as to what was going on and that, as they say, was that. So the vet can do it.
And go to It's very good.
He's not paying me. It's just very good.


Blogger Martin said...

Hey Tim, it's Stannard the Elder here. This has nothing much to do with anything you've said in this post, but you might like to take a look at this (does html/hmtl/hlmt or whatever it is work on comments? I'm about to find out. Actually, this is kind of connected, I guess. Best gig.... whatev. Also, I cut my toenails last night, so I know how the bunny feels.

Much love
Exult & Be Difficult

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