November 10, 2004


Okay, okay. So I've changed the name of this blog AGAIN. I'm easily bored. This, though, is a good one. I can feel it in my water, it's got definite staying power. I've said that before though and been thoroughly full of shit. Who can tell? Who cares?
Also, before I get hauled in front of a grand jury and tried for plagiarism in the first degree, the good fellow I have pinched the music review idea from is Mike the Troubled Diva. I am going to adapt it somewhat, and I'm sure it will be far more amateur than his superb efforts, but it'll be good and it means I'll get to listen to some music for a change. Lordy I feel deprived. There's not enough hours in the day, as a great philosopher once said. I may review some Flaming Lips and Radiohead stuff while I'm at it. Good idea. Yep, I'll do that. And in case anyone wants my opinion, The Delays are very good. The lead singer is a chap who sounds like a girl with a very pretty voice. Quite disconcerting, but damn it's good stuff. Hopefully they'll be massive and will be called upon by the powers that be to banish Keane and the Stereohphonics to a dark wet cave somewhere deep within the icy tundra of Siberia, where they can moan and wail and generally annoy the crap out of each other for the rest of eternity. Anything as long as they leave me and my ears the fuck alone.
Ps. All links to good bands and their ilk are on the left. Over there. You know the score.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This comment is irrelevant to your last post. But! I must inform you that I am in college, alone, in a room, with the tutor. I cry. In addition; the library assistant I spoke to this morning reminded me of your mum. Aww.

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