November 01, 2004

Flip Ya

Hi there. It's 1pm. The clocks went back last night. I should be wide awake. But I am having trouble. My eyes agree with my subconscious, ie. I should be asleep. But I'm not, so deal with it Tim.
Today is Flaming Lips day. I have invented this day to celebrate the greatness and all-round funky-coloured floweriness of this, in a word, fuckbringlyilliant (I just invented a word) band. Whoever you are and whatever walk of life you come from, go to their website now, buy all their records, kiss the ground they walk on, and generally look at life in a much rosier way.
Here's the singer bloke. He's called Wayne.

He's a very nice man. Always wears a suit and has a strangely not scary beard. Here are a couple of 'interesting' flyers for gigs that I found. They're quite old, but give you a good idea of the bands' general mindset:

Mmm. Tasteful. I especially like the fact that the face has no nose. And luminous green is always a good colour, I find.

They were nice weren't they? Very modern art. Talking of modern art, if anyone's interested, there's a chap called Peter Doig who lives in Barbados or something, who paints absolutely cracking pictures. His stuff's really painterly and really fascinating. It's all about dreams and alternative realities. Good stuff. Have a look and you will like! There's no Peter Doig website unfortunately - he's probably got better things to do, like lazing on the beach - so here's the best link I could find.
This is a purposefully non-political-with-nice-pretty-pictures post as I thought it was all getting a bit serious. However, I did read one spooky thing this morning about how in every US election, dating back to 1932 (!), if the Washington Redskins (American Football team, for all those non-Americans reading) win their game the week before the vote, then the party currently in power wins. If they lose then the party in power lose. And guess what? Last night they lost! I bloody hope that it's a good omen, because BUSH MUST LOSE!!!!!!!!!! By the way, there's some funny stuff on Michael Moore's website, so go there. I advise it.
Right, enjoy your lunch and relax like this AN-IM-AL...

Note to self. Cheese sandwiches+Microwave for 30-40 seconds=Taste Sensation!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey! its that naughty polar bear from a different angle! that fella real gets around. next time he stages a 'photograph my nuts from all angles' a-thon, i need to know. any information regarding this high in iron bear would be greatly appreciated.

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