November 16, 2004

Do they know it's Christmas?

Don't ask.
"Get out there, buy the single, buy two copies ... People have to be less selfish and start thinking about others. I feel very passionate about it. Since Sunday, it's really gripped me."

That's Will Young, the yodelling chin, talking about the new Band Aid single. How bloody forthright of him. At least Geldof meant what he was saying. Honestly, "since Sunday, it's really gripped me"? Will obviously didn't give a flying fart until he put down his creased-up copy of Just Seventeen on Saturday night. It really does piss me right off when 'pop stars' get on their high effin' horses about REAL (that's in italics and bold) issues. If you care so much go and buy a village in Africa, renovate the place with loads of designer clobber from Habitat, and ferry all the villagers and starving babies to the nearest Pizza Express for the next month. That would show everyone how unselfish and thoughtful you really are. And the word is 'passionately'. Twat.

Hurrah! Hurrah! And thrice hurrah! We now have a Dyson. The power of the written word should never be underestimated. And just so you're all aware, our TV has had it, the computer's on the blink and our flat is falling to pieces and subsiding into the earth at an alarming rate. If you have any of the former sitting in your garage, you know where I am. Donations kindly accepted.
If you were oblivious to the fact, I Hate Keane. This is not any old hate. This is jet-propelled, high-octane, bile-flooded hate. This person hates them, but I hate them more. They impose their total shitness on all of my day-to-day comings and goings. I must hear their latest offering at least fifteen times a day, and it is driving me absolutely insane. Has the world gone mad? Can nobody tell that they are F***ING ABYSMAL?? I am deliberating over whether to initiate an IHK (I hate Keane) website, so if any of you out there agree with me on this, let me know. One fellow Keane-hater is all I need as an excuse to get this baby off the ground.
I also have a stinking cold. All I ask is for a modicum of sympathy and some Lemsip, but do I get either? Of course not. And I have a month and a half left before I am unemployed. From one angle this is good, as I hate my job. But from another angle, having a new job lined up would be nice. Still, good things are on the way, I can feel it. News will appear here as soon as it comes in.


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