November 30, 2004

Crawling to a standstill

Honestly, I'm beyond bored.

Seeing as our last day of employment at this dump is the 29th of December, nobody is taking anything seriously. I am probably the worst culprit. All the calls that comes through, and there aren't many, are being transferred as far away as I can humanly send them, as quickly as I can possibly send them. Why should I care? THEY decided to do away with US so THEY can deal with their own bloody boring problems. But I'm not bitter. Either this is going to be the easiest working month in the history of all months at work that were really easy, or we are all going to get an extra long Christmas break. I'm already doing nothing. In two weeks I'm going to have started developing mossy growths all over my personage.

So it's a win-win situation for us shat-on employees of THE COMPANY. We get sacked (which is a good thing), we get paid (which is obviously good), we get a redundancy payout (which isn't as much as we - royal we - deserve but it's okay), and we get to do nothing except for play around on the internet, or spend the time at home on garden leave, or a combo of the two, for the last month. I'm happy about all of this, I really am.

The weirdest thing is the atmosphere of the place. It's a bit of a ghost call centre for a start, what with almost 400 people leaving 4 months ago, and another 60 or so leaving last week. It's down to the bare bones, and all the people left either don't give a shit, are pissed off, angry, bored, worried and wander around exclaiming how odd it all is, how they/we have been right royally fucked over, and generally how terrible the world is, or they say nothing, like me. I just sit here in my little shell, writing stuff, reading stuff, and trying desperately to ignore the drama queen on my left. I really haven't got the time or energy to get upset about a situation I can't do anything about. And why would I want to? This is surely a blessing in disguise. Don't people normally get stuck in this kind of job for way longer than they wanted? I see being forced to think about the direction my life is heading in as a positive thing. One thing that I do love about life, apart from the obvious, is how (and maybe this is just me) at every frighteningly important yet focus-less time, a big meaningful event or unavoidable circumstance has arisen that has always, ALWAYS shown me the right way to go. This is looking like one of those times. A time to make plans and to follow them through.

Then again, I could just enjoy what I have, settle for second best in my career, and always wonder what might have been.

I don't think so.

Nb. This has turned into an awfully serious post. Excuse me while I go and have a lie down.


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