October 16, 2004

Changes Ahoy!

How exciting. I've changed the sites' name. It was 'The World According to Tim', but I think you'll agree that was just a bit too boring and derivative to be worthy of my name. So it's gone, and good riddance.

In case anyone else was wondering too, yes, that is a cat in a kimono.

And I know no-one will care, but QPR won 1-0 today so I am happy. Seven wins in a row. Yowzer! I told you you wouldn't care...

I must now go and soak myself in the bath. I was recently operated upon and have some 'orrible looking dissolvable stitches in me (I'm not telling you where) that haven't dissolved yet. Because of this I seem to be spending my entire life in the bath, which in my opinion is a cracking way to spend a life, although unfortunately I do end up extremely wrinkled. A bit like one of those Mccoy's crips, but not as tasty. Still, it's a great way to pass the time, and it's going to be a real shame to have to go back to work where there isn't a bath. Wouldn't work be great if you could have your own personal bathroom? No toilet seats covered in other peoples' piss. No nervously standing at urinals next to other men pissing. No having to touch bathroom door handles that other men have touched after grappling with their dicks and then not washing their hands (my top pet-hate. EEURGHH!!!). Life would be easy.

Anyway, it's not gonna happen, so back to reality and back to the very real bath that is calling me right now...


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